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Laurel Braitman is a New York Times bestselling author, historian and anthropologist of science. She is currently a Writer-in-Residence at the Center for Biomedical Ethics at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Wired and other publications. Her last book, Animal Madness (Simon & Schuster 2015) was a NYT bestseller and has been translated into seven languages. She holds a PhD in Science, Technology and Society from MIT, is a Senior TED Fellow and a Contributing Writer for Pop Up Magazine, a live magazine the New York Times has called a “Sensation.” Her work and collaborations with musicians and artists have been featured on the BBC, NPR, Good Morning America and Al Jazeera. She's taught popular interdisciplinary courses at Stanford School of Medicine, Harvard, MIT, Smith College and elsewhere and is passionate about working with musicians, physicians, scientists, and artists. Braitman’s latest TED talk has been watched by millions. 

Her next book (forthcoming, Simon & Schuster, 2018) is about medicine, family and mortality. She can't wait to finish writing it.

Animal Madness is a lovely, big–hearted book…brimming with compassion and the tales of the many, many humans who devote their days to making animals well.
— The New York Times

Braitman is the author of Animal Madness: Inside Their Minds. Inspired by her dog Oliver’s debilitating separation anxiety and aggression, Braitman embarked on a journey around the world to study emotionally disturbed animals and the people who care for them. Her research led her to a remarkable and moving discovery—understanding the emotions of distressed animals can help us better understand our own. Receiving rave reviews, this “lovely, big-hearted book” (The New York Times) was listed as one of Discover Magazine’s top five summer reads, a top science read by Wired, and one of Amazon’s best books of the year. Her story was also featured on Good Morning AmericaABC World News Tonight, and other television and radio series around the world. She is currently collecting stories about animal outlaws, animal witnesses and animals on trial.


Laurel works with a select few of the world’s most talented journalists, artists, physicians, scientists, entrepreneurs and engineers doing strategic research across multiple disciplines and helping them create powerful narratives that inspire not just the largest audiences but the ones that matter most. To bring her and her team to your organization, please contact laurel@laurel.braitman.com.

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