Laurel writes about medicine, science, eaglesmental illness, art and many other things. She also performs live for Pop Up Magazine where her stories have been about endangered species, realizing your parents are people, heroin, psychotherapy and parrots who witness crimes. She's author of the New York Times Bestseller Animal Madness: Inside Their Minds (just out in paperback from Simon & Schuster). Buy a signed copy here or an unsigned copy anywhere else. Curious about the book? Read the reviews in the New York Times, The New Yorker or listen to her talk about it on NPR or TED Radio Hour. Or, check out this whole website dedicated to Animal Madness.

She is also passionate about working with others. As the Writer-in-Residence at Stanford University's School of Medicine she is part of the Medicine & the Muse program, dedicated to increasing the impact of the humanities in medical education and the lives of physicians and their patients. Laurel also works independently with physicians to help them become better communicators. She believes this improves the quality of healthcare and well being for all of us.

Laurel also works with many contemporary artists and musicians. She has performed a concert for the ocean with Ann Hamilton in the Galapagos and travelled to Mexico with Nina Katchadourian to interact with friendly gray whales, among many other artist collaborations and endeavors. She's currently working with musicians to play concerts for other species--Music for Animals. Next up--a concert for a group of incredible chimpanzees (rescued after decades as medical research subjects) at Chimp Sanctuary Northwest.