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Laurel writes about medicine, science, eaglesmental illness, art, dying well, coming of age in the Amazon, and many other things. She also performs live for Pop Up Magazine where her stories have been about endangered species, realizing your parents are people, heroin, psychotherapy and parrots who witness crimes. She's author of the New York Times Bestseller Animal Madness: Inside Their Minds (out in paperback from Simon & Schuster). Inspired by her dog Oliver’s debilitating separation anxiety and aggression, Braitman embarked on a journey around the world to study emotionally disturbed animals and the people who care for them. Her research led her to a remarkable discovery—understanding the emotions of distressed animals can help us better understand our own. This “lovely, big-hearted book” (The New York Times) was listed as one of Discover Magazine’s top five summer reads, a top science read by Wired, and one of Amazon’s best books of the year. Her story was also featured on Good Morning AmericaABC World News Tonight, and other television and radio series around the world. Buy a signed copy here or an unsigned copy anywhere else. Curious about the book? Read the reviews in the New York Times, The New Yorker or listen to her talk about it on NPR or TED Radio Hour.